The Extraordinary Here and Now of Christmas

As one who no longer embraces Christianity, the Christmas holiday presents an interesting moment of reflection.  It’s one of those moments where it seems like there would be a vacuum where there used to be religious devotion.  Instead of a spiritual vacuum, I’ve discovered that my enjoyment of this holiday has simplified and grown more personally profound.


A lot has been happening in the past 60 days, so this is a good time for a what's-been-going-on-with-us. People/Things I've Celebrated Krista's 31st birthday was Sunday. I'm blessed to be a husband and friend of the most interesting, kind, loving, passionate, intelligent, original-of-the-species woman I've ever met.  She exudes excellence, beauty, and grace in... Continue Reading →

Baptism Sunday!

We had Jude baptized this past Sunday, on All Saints Day.  It was a moment rich with emotion and meaning for us and we were thankful to have all the grandparents there to share this with us. Here are some pictures from the big day! (mouseover the slideshow to pause, navigate, or go full screen)

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