Why I Left Religion Behind – Part 4 – Right from Wrong

The last remnant of my Christian faith came unwound when I started to confront the question of how we determine right from wrong.  I knew there were various approaches to ethics, yet I was taught that we had a moral code straight from an objective moral source.  How could there possibly be a better option than a morality that comes from an entirely objective and pure being, who simply told humanity what to do and how to live?

Why Robin Williams Mattered So Much

I have found it incredibly difficult to shake the death of Robin Williams these last couple of days. It’s had me thinking about depression, suicide, celebrity, my own mortality, and the pain of this world that keeps on spinning even as children die over ideological differences or the color of their skin. It’s overwhelming. Robin Williams... Continue Reading →

Seth Godin Live – Part 1

For those not familiar with Seth Godin, he's an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Godin's ideas on innovation, excellence, and marketing have strong implications whether you are a business leader, church leader, or simply a"cog in the wheel" as an employee somewhere. I highly recommend his book, Linchpin, as a resource for thinking, leading... Continue Reading →

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