The Evangelical Church in America Has Lost Its Way

I believe the church as a social entity is dying and that's disheartening to realize. Throughout history, there have been foundational movements and moments where believers have ignited vital moral changes in society. While there are certainly dark days in the moral history of Christianity, there have also been important contributions to education, healthcare, the... Continue Reading →

An Open Wound on the Face of Democracy

On the morning after the election, the sentiment from those who voted for Donald Trump was a quick and unified message saying, “Let’s start the healing process.”   Even President Obama gave himself whiplash with the distinctly different tone, from explaining that Trump was “unfit” to be President on Friday to saying today that “We are... Continue Reading →

Why Robin Williams Mattered So Much

I have found it incredibly difficult to shake the death of Robin Williams these last couple of days. It’s had me thinking about depression, suicide, celebrity, my own mortality, and the pain of this world that keeps on spinning even as children die over ideological differences or the color of their skin. It’s overwhelming. Robin Williams... Continue Reading →

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