Why Robin Williams Mattered So Much

I have found it incredibly difficult to shake the death of Robin Williams these last couple of days. It’s had me thinking about depression, suicide, celebrity, my own mortality, and the pain of this world that keeps on spinning even as children die over ideological differences or the color of their skin. It’s overwhelming. Robin Williams... Continue Reading →

The Wrong Jesus

So, in successfully rejecting an insipid “hippie, diaper, halo Christ,” we may unintentionally protect and uphold the white supremacist Jesus, the colonial Jesus, the Eurocentric Jesus, the Republican or Democrat Jesus, the capitalist or communist Jesus, the slave-owning Jesus, the nuclear bomb–dropping America-first Jesus, the organ-music stained-glass nostalgic-sentimental Jesus, the antiscience know-nothing simpleton Jesus, the... Continue Reading →

pain and presents

This is a guest post from my wife, Krista. I think it’s one of the best things she’s ever written.


Live a day of it and see.
Nobody claims that it will be entirely painless, but no matter.

Today is your birthday and there are many presents to open.

The world is to open.
~ Frederick Buechner

i made this fiber art piece while i was in labor with my second child. only i didn’t know i was in labor as i stitched and sewed, printed and glued. but my baby was moving inside and life was about to get very messy and very beautiful in a little tennessee home that sunday afternoon.

fast-forward two years: i never could have known the pain and presents i’d receive since my baby was born. physical sickness, great disappointments, dear friends moved away, relational discord with people important to me, spirit weakness, a daunting obstacle to emotional healing…and yet…sunsets, sunrises, smiles, kisses, beauty, blossoming friendships, healing, laughter, an unquenchable marital love, and brokenness.

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