Why I Left Religion Behind – Part 5 – How Shall I Now Live?

One of the most comforting things about Judeo-Christian ethics is that in one sense it’s easier.  There is an authoritative being who tells you what you should and should not do.  There is no urgency to wrestle over the nuanced and difficult ethical issues that every culture faces in this case.  Just do “what the Bible says.” But is it really that easy?

pain and presents

This is a guest post from my wife, Krista. I think it’s one of the best things she’s ever written.


Live a day of it and see.
Nobody claims that it will be entirely painless, but no matter.

Today is your birthday and there are many presents to open.

The world is to open.
~ Frederick Buechner

i made this fiber art piece while i was in labor with my second child. only i didn’t know i was in labor as i stitched and sewed, printed and glued. but my baby was moving inside and life was about to get very messy and very beautiful in a little tennessee home that sunday afternoon.

fast-forward two years: i never could have known the pain and presents i’d receive since my baby was born. physical sickness, great disappointments, dear friends moved away, relational discord with people important to me, spirit weakness, a daunting obstacle to emotional healing…and yet…sunsets, sunrises, smiles, kisses, beauty, blossoming friendships, healing, laughter, an unquenchable marital love, and brokenness.

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Christmas Prayer

My wonderful wife gave me a 1920s vintage typewriter for Christmas, so I've used it on this post. I created it entirely on the typewriter, so there was no margin for going back and rebuilding an entire sentence or paragraph. It came out somewhat stream-of-consciousness, but here is my Christmas prayer:

Making Sense of the Economic Mess

Dave Ramsey’s latest newsletter provided some helpful answers on the current financial crisis that Congress is wrestling with… Dave's Thoughts About the Economy Over the past month, we’ve witnessed the largest bankruptcy in history, the stock market dropping like a rock, and the talking heads on TV freaking out that the world is coming to... Continue Reading →

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