An Agnostic’s Thanksgiving Prayer before the Meal

God of the universe,
Whoever you are,
Whatever you are,
Why ever you choose to hear this
….or palaver with us at all,
We thank you for this bird, bean, and root.

We suspect that you created the earth
….from which it came
….and sustained the soil from which it grew.

Though we are perplexed by the places
….where food cannot grow
….while rain will not fall.

Where dust is a death blanket
….upon the land and people.

But we thank you nonetheless as it is our custom
….over these years of growing accustomed to
….looking away from atrocities but not before
….we click our tongue in
….….Disgust? (such horrors are for the poor).
….….Anger? (this has disrupted our contented state)
….….Pity? (we owe some sadness to the world as payment)

As we eat today, it is with somber disposition,
….grateful but unsure of our why we hold such position
….of privilege and wealth.

May we act as if you are the Great Friend of all
….who will meet us at the end,
….standing us face to face not with you,
….but with those with whom we shared
….this life and land.


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